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Traditionally modern


We have been producing rubber products since 1958. Thanks to the experience, expertise and competence of our staff, our products meet 100% of our customers needs. Cooperation with us means a variety of offers, high quality, flexibility and immediate execution of orders.


Products and services

We offer products of recognized quality which guarantee full satisfaction to all customers, each customer is treated 100% individually and professionally.


Products and services

We produce rubber products based on caoutchouc
-SBR (atyrene-butadiene)
-NBR (nitrile)
-EPDM (ethylene-propylene)
-NR (natural)
-CR (chloroprene)

We offer a wide range of hardness from 45 to 90 degrees ShA. Our products can be reinforced with material spacers, increasing durability. We invite you to check out our offer on our website.


Our product range:
•Packing sheets
•Ribbed floor
•Metro-coin floor coverings
•Multicolor floor coverings
•Electrical insulating matts
•Antistatic products
•Low flammability sheets
•Floor wipers
•Antivibration matts